Advisor Toolbox & Documents

This toolbox aggregates our documents and resources specifically for academic and study abroad advisors, and faculty wishing to provide more information about field study opportunities for their students. Please contact us for more information. 


Wildlands Studies encourages field project alumni to engage in volunteer outreach about our projects at their own campuses. Alumni volunteers participate in a variety of outreach activities, from presentations about their experience, to communicating with potential Wildlands Studies students, to placing Wildlands Studies announcements on campus bulletin boards. Please contact us to connect with Wildlands Studies alumni at your campus.

In addition to our volunteer alumni outreach, Wildlands Studies formally recruits students through campus presentations in the fall, winter and spring quarters (fall and winter semesters). Our Campus Representatives are often alumni or staff that have direct experience with our life-changing field programs. We are happy to work with schools that would like to host one of our Campus Representatives or help us coordinate a Student Information Session. Please contact us for more information on our campus visits.


Wildlands Studies works with Western Washington University to offer academic field-based courses. Wildlands Studies offers two types of courses: short courses during the summer and long courses year round. Short courses will be awarded 5 quarter credits and long courses will earn 15 quarter credits, taught as three integrated but distinct courses each worth 5 quarter credits.

Click here to read our general course descriptions.

Information about coursework on individual field projects can be accessed on our Environmental Field Projects page. Each project has a an Academic Syllabus as well as a Program Manual as a pdf download about that specific program, located at the end of the webpage.


We have placed links to our most often requested information materials, including the course catalog, here for download. You can also request hard copy versions using the online form or by calling our office at 831.684.9999.