Program Costs and Funding a Wildlands Studies project

Our projects usually cost less than you would pay to go to college for a quarter! When you add up tuition, books, housing, food, and transportation, Wildlands Studies projects cost about the same, and in many cases significantly less, than your university expenses per academic term.


Project fees are listed on each Project’s webpage. Wildlands Studies projects have an academic Program Fee, an on-site In-country fee and costs related to flight and personal expenses. Program Fees are based on the length and location of each project and cover academic fees only. The on-site or "in-country" fee covers expenses such as transportation during the program; camping fees; Park/Nature/Reserve entrance fees; permits; use of study facilities; rental of group equipment. Flight costs, food, travel gear and personal expenditures are paid directly by participants. Program Fees are due upon acceptance into a project and must be paid by the Program Fee deadline. After fee deadlines, enrollment is accepted on a space-available basis. Fees paid to Wildlands Studies cover program and academic fees only.


Wildlands Studies and Western Washington University do not directly offer scholarships or financial aid for Wildlands Studies projects. Many students coming from quarter system campuses are able to form “Consortium Agreements” between their home university campus and Wildlands Studies for the use of FAFSA financial aid from their home campus. This is at the discretion of each university. Have your student check with their Financial Aid office about a “Consortium Agreement” if they are interested in using financial aid to pay for their project.

There are other ways to fund a Wildlands Studies course that take more initiative and work on the part of the student. There are many outside scholarships available. In addition, many universities have scholarship funds specifically for their current students to take advantage of off-campus and/or field based programs. We recommend that you speak with your academic advisor or the Study Abroad office at your home campus for more information. Wildlands Studies is able to accept AmeriCorps Vouchers, and if you have participated in a program which offered AmeriCorps Vouchers, contact our office to learn how to fund their projects.

For more information on our Project Fees, please see our Program Fees webpage.