Wildlands Studies Teaching Assistant

Many of our Project Instructors have a Teaching Assistant join them on their project.  Sometimes Instructors hire Teaching Assistants directly, with our office oversight, usually alumni from previous projects, and occasionally they ask our main office to provide suitable candidates.  If you are interested in becoming a Teaching Assistant for one of our projects, please read our qualifications below and then submit a resume and cover letter.  Preference is given to Wildlands Studies alumni.

Teaching Assistant Position Information

Teaching Assistants are college graduates, often Wildlands Studies project alumni, who have demonstrated strong academic ability, leadership, logistical and organizational skill, and excellent communication.  We define the Teaching Assistant as the person responsible for assisting the instructor(s) with the logistics, academic program, and day-to-day on-site concerns on a specific project. Duties include daily support for the general program and participants while on the project; daily guidance on activities; assistance with risk management; any and all logistics needed or additional assistance as requested by instructor. In addition, this position may be asked to provide academic support where knowledge and expertise is appropriate, and under the authority of the instructor(s).

Primary work location

Site specific.  Teaching Assistant position takes place on-site of the project location. 

Position qualifications

  • Strong interest or background in environmental education.  BA/BS degree required. Must have degree in hand. Preference given to alumni.
  • First Aid and CPR certified.  Preference given to Wilderness First Responder certifications.  Comfortable and confident in your ability to manage an emergency situation, including minor injuries with a trip to the doctor or major emergency such as helicopter evacuation.  Your ability, experience and qualification to manage an emergency is paramount in this position.
  • Excellent people and communication skills; able to establish professional rapport and build relations with instructors and students; Willing to provide logistical and academic support where needed and appropriate on the project.
  • Easy going, approachable personality, flexible, willing to take on any task, able to use humor and diplomacy when working with others. 
  • Must be self-led, able to work independently, and take on increasing independent responsibility.  Able to maintain confidences.
  • Good logistical planner willing and able to make own travel arrangements including air travel to/from project.

Dates of employment

The Teaching Assistant position usually follows the same approximate dates of the project, arriving on-site the day prior to the project start date and departing the last day of the project.  This is determined directly with the Instructor.


This position is Expenses Paid only.  “Expenses Paid” is defined as flight or transportation costs to and from the project, food costs while assisting the project, and other defined reimbursable project-related costs. There is no additional compensation for the Teaching Assistant position.    

Application procedures

Teaching Assistant resumes and cover letters are accepted in an on-going basis for projects.  Email cover letter with stated interest and experience, along with resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Please be sure to review our website and programs before responding.  Qualified applicants will be contacted.  Applicants will be reviewed as they come in. If we feel you are well suited for one of our Teaching Assistant positions, we will forward your cover letter and email to our instructors, who will contact and interview you.  Once approved by the Instructor, our main office interviews you and would be the one to make a position offer.